Baseball Cards & Memorabilia - MTG Arena Online Tournaments

May 29, 6pm

May 30, 3pm

June 5, 6pm

June 6, 3pm

AetherHub is the platform we use to register players and run our online tournaments. Each event will have a registration link that adds you to that tournament. When you register, you must provide the following details:

  • Your Username, which should be the same as the one used on Discord so that we may identify you on the server.
  • Your MTGA Display Name, which IS NOT your screen name that appears during matches. It is the name listed under Direct Challenge and it looks like this - DisplayName#123435
  • Your DCI Number.

If you do not include all of the required info we will not be able to approve your participation in the tournament. Please register for the events at least 1 day prior to the tournament so that we have time to check all of your info and correct any problems.

Discord is the platform we use to coordinate the tournaments and communicate with officiators and your fellow players. You must have a registered Discord account and download the app (free) to participate. Here is the link/address to  our Discord Server:
A headset with a mic is helpful but not required.
On the day of the tournament enter the #lobby channel of our GATHERING SPACE on our Discord Server at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. We will verify your information and approve you for the tournament and get the tournament underway. If it is a paid tournament we will post a link to collect fees before participants are authorized to join. The pairings will be posted in the lobby group chat and opponents will move to the Table channel they are assigned. One of the players from each pairing will issue a Direct Challenge to their opponent on Arena using their listed MTGA DisplayName. Make sure the challenge issued is a Best of 3 match. Once the match is completed, report the results in the lobby group chat, then stay tuned for the next round's pairings. This is how we will conduct the tournament until each round is finished and final results posted.

Our Events Calendar on this website will contain links to all of our scheduled tournaments. Click the Register Here link in the event details to be added to that AetherHub Tourney as a participant. You can also join our mailing list on this site to be notified of upcoming events via email registration links. We look forward to seeing you in future Tourneys!